Giving Your Interior Space A Makeover: 5 Essential Tips

So you have bought that dream house or have refurbished the exterior of your existing space, it is time to give your home that touch of excellence, something that you have been looking forward to. With an abundance of options available, it may be an overwhelming task when it comes to picking and choosing the right interior accessories for your living space. However, after interacting with top-notch interior specialists in the industry, we have listed 5 important tips to turn your interior space around. Here goes:

1) Always Pick Light Color Home Accessories: By picking light or neutral color accessories, one is creating a space that will appear larger than it already is. If one uses dark colored sofa upholstery or paints a dark wall, the space will look smaller and the room will appear compact. So, whether one is deciding the colors for curtains or any other home accessory, it is important to pick light, neutral tones that will enhance the living space of the room.
2) Always have a Feature Wall: In order to provide that splendid look to your space, it is recommended to have one main wall that could be a feature wall. One can either paint it in a different color, or have a different kind of wall paper on it. This type of wall is also called the focus wall which further improves the overall look of the space. Placing nice wall hangings or some interesting art pieces on it will only add that extra bit of style and grace.
3) Use a Good Quality Handmade Rug: Having a space with no rug at all, despite the best floorings available would make your interiors look empty, bare and would appear as if something is missing. It is essential to use a good quality handmade rug to complete the look of your space. It is important to identify what type of rug one wants considering that there is a wide variety of option available. Experts recommend to use a good quality handmade carpet instead of a machine made rug which is far less durable. A handmade rug adds that luxury look to ones living space. If it is a formal kind of setting, one can opt for a pure silk carpet or an original Persian carpet. Good quality silk carpet depends upon a number of factors like knots per square inch, the weave, density and the design pattern.
4) Less is More: Sometimes, a minimalist design does the trick. It doesn’t mean that by placing various home accessories in one space, your interiors would look better. It is advised to place less stuff in your living space as it will only exude further sophistication and would provide a touch of panache and finesse. In a nutshell, it is always quality over quantity.
5) De-clutter your Living Space: It is often seen that there are a lot of wanted things lying aimlessly inĀ·ones living space. Get that cleaning done now before it starts accumulating and your space looks all cluttered and untidy. Whatever is not required, remove that extra baggage and create a haven of beautiful things with less stuff around.
In conclusion, it would be advised to implement the listed interior tips and tricks to revamp your space. There are always a host of options available to choose from, however it is important to learn how to decorate your space with less number of home accessories and if possible use light or neutral color interiors for you living space.

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